CBD Oil Tinctures Dosing


Determining the strength of the tincture


Drops that are placed under the tongue and absorbed sublingually are the most popular form of taking CBD oil. But differences in bottle sizes and potency across brands can make dosing very confusing even for those who are good at math!

To calculate the strength of a product, you divide the number of mg in the bottle by the number of ml in the bottle.  Our Full Spectrum and ISO-CBD products contain 16.7mg of CBD per ml. 

Our PETS Tinctures contain 15mg of CBD per ml.  And our ISO SLEEPY formula contains 10mg of CBD per ml. 

This article refers specifically to the Full Spectrum and ISO-CBD Tinctures, as our other products have specific dosing information listed with the products.

Determining the dose that may work for you


Just getting started or not sure about your desired dose? The chart to the left suggests daily dosage for CBD oil based on severity of condition and weight. This should not be construed as medical advice. 


Our Full Spectrum and ISO-CBD Tinctures, regardless of the size of the bottle, are the same concentration:

16.7mg/ml, with approximately 30 drops in 1 ml, and 0.6mg/drop

To calculate your starting dose, look at the chart to the left and find the column that corresponds to your weight then find the row that corresponds to the severity of the condition you are concerned about.

It’s typically recommended that people start slow (around 1/2 of what is suggested below per day) and then slowly increase every 3-4 days if necessary until the desired result is achieved.


Here's an example to help you


Example: You weigh 120 lbs. and you have anxiety in the severe range. Your target dose, which you should work up to, is around 18mg daily. 

Your starting dose: 9 mg daily , or 15 drops [Start out at half of your target dose and work your way up.]

Divide the daily dose in half, since you will be taking the product twice a day. Each dose should be approximately 4.5mg. So you will be taking about 4.5mg (7.5 drops) twice a day. Since you can’t divide a drop in half, round down to 7 drops twice a day. Put the drops under your tongue for 60 seconds or more and then swallow. 

Use this dose for 3-4 days then increase to 10 drops twice a day.

Use this dose for 3-4 days, then increase to 13 drops twice daily.

Use this dose for 3-4 days then increase to your target dose of  18mg , or 15 drops twice a day.

Note: You may need more or less than the target dose displayed in the dosing chart. Do not expect immediate relief from a small dose, as it is usually necessary to build up to the target dose slowly and maintain that dose to achieve and maintain the full effect.